Immanuel College of Theology, Ibadan, founded in 1958, is the Premier Theological Institution in Nigeria, West Africa. The early history of the College is related with two learning centers of Anglican Theology (Meville Hall, Kudeti, Ibadan, a hall school of St. Andrews College, Oyo and Methodist Theology, Ministerial Department of Wesley College) both located in the city of Ibadan, the capital of the Old Western Region of Nigeria and the largest city in Central Africa. In 1958, the two institutions mentioned above were merged to form Immanuel College of Theology and Christian Education, Ibadan and located at Kudeti, Ibadan. The leadership of the churches decided to give the name “Immanuel College” to remind us the ecumenical nature of the church and also that God who is transcendent is also immanent. He is Immanuel- God with us (Matt.1:23). The symbol of CHI RHO (X for CHI and P for RHO) was adapted on the college emblem. The emblem is designed to embrace the two emblems of the former colleges i.e. the emblems of Melville Hall, Kudeti, Ibadan and the Divinity School of Wesley College, Elekuro, Ibadan.

Soon it became evident that Kudeti did not offer the best geographical location for the newly established institution. The founders wanted the College to be located in the increasingly productive and large academic environment of Ibadan for the College to reach its full development. So it was in 1964 that the College was transferred to a site in the neighbourhood of the University of Ibadan. Indeed, Immanuel College of Theology is a good example of Methodist and Anglican cooperation. The College was established to be a training ground for the priests of the United Church of Nigeria envisaged then. It became an ecumenical center which trained ministers for various denominations, but with a view to forgoing a common focus for the uniting churches.

The College Student Body includes essentially those entering the Anglican and Methodist Ministries as ordained ministers and Christian Educators. Students sponsored by the Presbyterian, African, New Eden, Salvation Army, Church of the Lord (Aladura) churches and the Nigerian Army were also admitted in the past.

Internally recognized and with enviable reputation as a College of Theology and Christian Education, Immanuel College has prepared men and women for the churches in and outside Nigeria including Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, Gambia, Ghana, Sudan, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Cameroon. The College has produced more than a thousand church ministers for the Anglican and Methodist Churches in Nigeria alone.

Up to 1948 Nigerians including theological students trained abroad in America, Britain or Sierra Leone for University degrees. The number of those who had the privilege of doing so was for obvious reasons few. With founding of the University of Ibadan, however, in 1948, more Nigerians including Theological Students from Immanuel College of Theology had the chance to obtain University Education. The opportunities for wider education became more available.

In 1971 as a result of the securing of special relationship with the University of Ibadan, the College trained students for the award of Diploma in Religious Studies in place of the London University Diploma in Theology. In 1986 the College secured the affiliation with the University of Ibadan and admitted and prepared students for the Bachelor of Arts Degree (Christian Studies) of the University of Ibadan.

Practical Activities of the College and Services

  • Realizing that at the end of the day, the value of a theological institution will be determined by its usefulness to community, theological training and pulpit ministry are carefully blended at Immanuel College, Ibadan. The metropolitan city of Ibadan and its environ offer wide opportunities for Christian outreach. Members of the faculty give leadership to the work of their denomination at national and global levels. Both faculty and students engage in practical ministration to the poor, the needy and the sick. Students are also involved in youth work, ministry to schools and Colleges, Sunday School, hospital, prison and remand home visitations.
  • Chapel

  • The chapel is the life wire of the college, it is also the Spiritual Source of the College; it is a Sacred place of worship which must be accorded respect, reverence and honour by all. It is the factory or the laboratory where students receive their practical training. The worship life of the college stem from the fact that morning and evening services are conducted daily at 7.00am and 6.00pm respectively to provide opportunities for both staff and students to start and close the day with God, prior to the commencement of classes and before retiring to bed each day. Monday services are usually conducted by the lecturers while on Wednesdays it is usually mid week Holy Communion Service, to be conducted by lecturers while students will assist. The worship life of the college is not limited to lecturers and students alone, there is the Chapel congregation which is interdenomination in nature and who usually come from outside with membership of about 500 families.


  • Diploma in Religious Studies (in affiliation with the University of Ibadan) – Two years. FULL TIME/
  • Bachelor of Theology (Ordination Programme) - Four years. FULL TIME
  • Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies (in affiliation with the University of Ibadan) – There years. FULL TIME
  • Bachelor of Theology – (Part Time- non-ordination Programme) - Four years
  • Tent Making Ministry (TMM) - (Ordination Programme) - Four years. PART TIME

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